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In the land that offers many Italian culinary delicacies, exported all over the world for centuries, there resides ALEX, an advanced technological excellency, expert in the processing of aluminum. Pisticci is located in Basilicata, 60 Km from Taranto's harbor and well connected with highways and railways. It benefits of all of the different advantages deriving from being at the very center of the second European pole of the metallurgic industry. ALEX is situated in Pisticci Scalo, where it occupies a total surface of 40.000 square meters, of which 16.000 covered.

Founded in the year 2002, ALEX has reached an absolute leading position in the Italian market of aluminum extrusion for the most diverse sectors, thanks to the installation of last generation extruders and a technical management of international level. In particular ALEX offers a rich system of profiles for doors and windows that cover the most common and commercial requests along with a particular gamma, designed and tested by its Technical Service. ALEX's Technical Service is also available to customers for the outlining of customized profiles for the most diverse industrial sectors.

ALEX is expert in the production of aluminum profiles in alloy 6060, 6063, 6005, 6082, 6026 with a weight going from 30 gr./m.l. to 20 Kg./m.l. and a width of profiles till 430 mm. Thanks to the collaboration with partner companies ALEX is also able to provide anodized and varnished aluminum profiles with thanks to the most advanced technologies. In the year 2012 ALEX accomplished a series of investments that brought it to triplicate its productive capacity. This fact, along with the capability of offering a most convenient price/quality ratio, make ALEX a most interesting potential supplier for your company. Do not therefore hesitate to contact our Sales Department, which will be more than glad to answer any of your requests. Best regards


     Ing. Massimiliano Magri
     (Amministratore Delegato)